Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper Bag Haunted House

Here is a super quick craft that young kiddos will love. A paper bag that's been turned into a 3d haunted house!!

You'll need:
brown paper bags
brown paper
black no-slip material (found mine at the Dollar Store)
black paper (trimmed to rectangles, large triangles)
yellow paper (trimmed into rectangles, ovals, circles, etc)
black crayons
Halloween stickers
stuffing (newspaper, tissue paper, etc)

~Take your paper bag and lay it flat in front of you. Start glueing yellow triangles for windows, black shapes for a door. use your imagination!!
~Take the black crayon and make lines across the windows.
~Flip it over and do the same thing to the other side.
~Put some stuffing inside the paper bag and fill it near the top.
~Take same brown paper and make the shape of a roof for it. Trim out some of the no-slip material to be the same size.
~Pinch the paper bag together (like you would to fold it for a lunch bag)...instead, lay the brown paper roof over, then the black material, and staple it on.
~Add black paper shapes to be taller chimneys and roofs if you would like.
~Put some halloween stickers on that house!!
Have fun and Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. Very suggestive! I want to make it immediately! :-) Nice the little cat...! Happy Halloween to you too!

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