Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Time Home Organization

Fall Time Home Organization – Everyday Tasks to Keep You Going

The thought of cleaning your home on a daily basis can be overwhelming, especially now that it is cooler during the fall time. It is easy to slip into a fall and winter time slump, staying huddled by the fire and not wanting to go out. However, instead of going into hibernation mode, make daily goals for yourself and get going – your kids and family members will love you for it! Oh, and make sure they pitch in and help you as well!
Keep Tabs on Clutter – An easy way to stay on top of clutter is to clean up your messes every time you leave the room that the current mess is in. If the baby is done playing in the living room, for example, put away the toys in that room. If you are done making a meal in the kitchen, clean up the remaining plates and accessories that you used. Store the leftover food and supplies in ziploc bags that will also help you stay organized.
Make the Bed and Keep up on Laundry – Tidiness certainly starts with keeping things organized, so make the bed daily and stay current on the growing laundry pile as well. You’ll feel better about your home layout and with fresh sheets and wonderful smelling laundry, you’ll feel organized and well put together already.
Sweep the Kitchen Floor Right After Meals – Just like you clear away the dishes and either hand wash them or put them in the sink, add sweeping the floor a chore that you can do right after lunch and dinner. This way you’ll stay on top of the dirt and other mess that comes in from the little ones playing outside. It will also become a daily habit that will be a lot easier to take care of as opposed to taking an entire day to clean up a mess after a week of tracking in dirt and other debris on your hardwood floors.
Sort the Mail – Mail can be tedious but if you sort through it every single day as opposed to letting it pile up in your home, it will be a lot easier to manage. Look through it quickly as soon as you retrieve it from your mailbox and then later in the day make a time each day to sort it into its appropriate folders, such as bills, catalogues, and personal correspondence. Soon enough you’ll have organized interiors and home supplies and staying tidy will help you along the way.

Sierra is a freelance writer who likes to keep these organized and in order to do this she implements daily tasks to make organization a lot easier.

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