Friday, October 19, 2012

Mixed Media Halloween Decoration

I made a mixed media painting-ish type decoration for fall. What do you think???? I used a piece of plywood, twine, hay, wood glue, foam, brown felt, and paint.
I painted the back ground dark blue for the sky. Once it was dry, I smoothed out circles of wood glue and took some twine and "twined" it around the circles, giving it a vertical up-and-down feeling of the segments that show on a pumpkin. Once those were dry, I painted them various shades of orange. I added little brown felt stem to it. 
Once everything is dry, cover the ground area with wood glue and place some hay on the glue.

The moon was made out of foam, trimmed to shape and then "distressed" with something with a rounded top (for the craters) and something pointy for the smaller craters. Then I painted it with a messy hand, using gray, white, and beige in splotches.  Cool, huh???

I painted a little black witch on a broomstick in the sky. Unfortunately, I didn't get a close picture of her zipping around.

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  1. I love that second photo. It reminds me of the barn house during the Halloween season. We can also consider these country interiors for that design.


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