Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

Can I just tell you something?
I worked as a blogger with Tiny Prints last year for their holiday campaign and in return, they gave me my holiday cards for free...
And those holiday cards are STILL being talked about this year!!! I've had friends tell me they used it for a decoration in their home! I had family go on and on about how beautiful the cards were... and yes, I'll toot my own horn here, I *did* take some nice pictures... but it wasn't just the photos that made it work. It was the whole setup. The card was a trifold like this:
(That's not me, I'm just using it to demonstrate.)

The quality of the photo's, the quality of the paper,.....the QUALITY PERIOD.

  1. They were the best Holiday Cards I've ever sent out. This year, they've got this premium double thick matte paper. Here is video about it.

So, you can imagine I'm pretty excited to work with them again this year!!!
I really hope you'll check them out. They are an awesome company!!!

.....Don't forget to look at their Special Offers.....

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