Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Visit to Webb Family Farm and the Marvelous Mess Party!!!!!

Webb Family Farms has a special place in my heart, and not just because I grew up shlepping through the woods and fields around it. I love Webb Family Farms because of the old fashioned, hardworking, farmers who run it and HOW they run it so carefully, organically, with respect to their animals, their land, and their consumers. The Webb Farm is in their 3rd and 4th generation now of stubborn Webb's running the operation.

I helped out recently at a school trip to the farm to visit their maple sugaring operation. 

They were nice enough to let the elementary school kids come to visit and learn about how maple syrup is made..... and what it's like to live on a farm. The Webb's live remotely enough that the bus couldn't actually make it down their driveway, so the kids got have wagon rides to the farm. I think that alone could have been a great field trip!!!!! The smiles on kids faces were magical. 

Then they got to see the sugaring operation:
 They also had a little vanilla ice cream with some real maple syrup on top. Holey moley, that stuff is good. 

After seeing the sugar house they moved on to the goat barn to see some adult and young (some very new!!!) goats. Kathy Webb told me she was fairly certain each child got a chance to hold a baby goat. 
 Can you believe the little sweater on that baby goat???!! Serious cuteness factor overload. 
The kids were totally thrilled. The real kids from the school, that is. I'm fairly certain the goat kids in the barn hightailed it with their moms just as soon as they could to get away from all the children wild on ice cream and maple syrup. 
They all got a wagon ride back to the bus, and I followed in a car. But before I made my way home I wanted to stop at their dairy barn. You see, maple syrup isn't even the biggest product the Webb's provide to the community; the Webb's also run a successful Organic Dairy Farm.
They sell their milk, unpasteurized, at their farm store onsite (along with the organic grains and organic beef) and they supply to MOOMilk, which stands for Maine's Own Organic Milk. MOOMilk is so essential to the survival of the organic dairy farmers of Maine, and 90% of their profits go back to the farms. Look for their in your local grocery store (HERE is a map where you can find them now) and if you don't see the product, don't forget to ask the store manager if it is something they can supply in the near future. You can find MOOMilk on FACEBOOK as well. 

Here's my favorite cow, Cocoa Cream:
Seriously, that light isn't doing anything for the beauty of the face of this cow. I would have loved a better photo, but a cow barn can only be so accommodating when it comes to lighting.  

Another great way to grasp the feeling of this family run farm is to watch a new Documentary out this year called, Betting the Farm. The film follows several different organic dairy farmers as they join and grow the MOOMilk company. It is the story of the survival of small farms when faced against big companies with even bigger budgets. I think it looks fascinating and plan on buying it on itunes
Here is the trailer for what looks to be an incredible film:

Betting The Farm TRAILER from Pull-Start Pictures on Vimeo.

Please consider sharing this video, this post, and most importantly BUYING MOOMilk from your local grocery store or requesting it as a new product. You won't regret it. 
Don't foget, you can find the Webb's here:

And, MOOMilk here:

As well as the the documentary Betting The Farm here:

Like them ALL and share them, will you please??????????

Now, did you come here for a Marvelous Mess Party too?????

Here it is:


  1. Thanks for hosting. I hope it's okay to bring a recipe. I've linked my "Slightly Disheveled Joseph," a lentil Sloppy Joe. It's a frugal and tasty meal. Easy to make too!

    1. Oh, I love recipes!!!! Especially ones with funny names. Thanks for joiny the party!!!!

  2. Love your cocoa cream, shes cute:) and thanks for sharing wonderful links at end of post and projects including smocked dress tutorial.



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