Friday, April 12, 2013

BuzzEgo: Read the news you WANT to read!!!!

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BuzzEgo is just about the coolest idea since sliced bread in my book.

Wanna know why??

'Cause I can read any type of news or articles I want that I am interested in and I don't have to see things I don't like or have no interest in. This is particularly handy for me because I have some pretty strong OCD and for me, I have a real problem seeing/reading about violent/agressive news. Heck, I work at a library and when I'm shelving I have a hard time putting away certain titles that have the wrong *words* in them. Get the picture? I got it bad. That means most news sites are a no-no for me, because I never know what I'm going to see. 

Not so, with BuzzEgo. This website is kind of a mashup between stumbleupon and pinterest in that you are given all kinds of options on the style of information you want to learn about, the theme's you are interested in,  and in turn it gives you what you want to see. 

When I signed up, I saw all the themes they had to offer for the type of "Panda" that I picked. Oh yeah, you gotta pick a panda (or panda's):

Once the panda was picked, they tossed out all kinds of themes of articles and posts at me and I could follow or unfollow certain ones; in essence arranging my news how I like it. Perfect!!!!!

You can see the theme's I have chosen so far and get a general sense of the website from this:

I can click on any of the images of articles above and go to a separate window which will take me to the site. Am I going to give the wild woman with the food a thumbs up??? Probably not. The cool photography?? You betcha.

 It's very cool beans in my opinion.

I totally reccommend BuzzEgo. 

I KNOW I'll be getting my news from there. 



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