Monday, May 13, 2013

Blogging For Madeline and A Marvelous Mess!!!!! #blogging4madeleine

I am joining up with a British Campaign to help find Madeleine McCann, who was taken from her parents apartment in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, when she was three years old. This year is her 10th birthday and the picture above is an approximation of what she could look like. For more information about Madeleine, you can go to Madeline's website here:

If you have any information about her please be sure to immediately contact your local police station and the Madeline investigation hotline: 44 845 838 4699 or email 

If you would like to blog for Madeline as well, all you need to do it include the hashtag #blogging4madeleine when you share it on twitter or other social media. Also, be sure to take part in the Missing People's International Missing Children Day on May 25th and take part in their Big Tweet. We bloggers can really make a difference in helping spread the word and get those ears to the ground.....let's use our blogs to help!!!!!

I like to mention in this post that if you're from Maine and you're interested in trying a new brew..... AND supporting a local organic farm, then go to Frontier in Brunswick this Wednesday the 15th at 7pm and get a taste of Ox Bow Brewing Company's new beer called Loretta, made with spelt from the Webb Family Farm in Pittston. There will be some awesome music playing as well: Dark Hollow Bottling Company!!! Tickets are $10 and totally worth it. By the by, that is a picture above taken by me of spelt, before it has been milled. 

My favorite from last weeks party was (hands down) this one:
Moss Necklace from HGK. I'm pretty partial to that necklace, it's just beautiful. 

Now, on to the party: