Sunday, May 26, 2013

Newcastle Publick House and Marvelous Mess Party

Took a trip to the Newcastle on Saturday and spent some time at the Newcastle Publick House as well as a visit to the Alewives Festival. Since I've got to get this party started, I'll Just show you some quick pictures of my trip to the Publick house.........and I'll tell you right off, this place to get awesome (mostly locally farmed) food and a great atmosphere!!!!!

There is this lovely mural done by a local artist that surrounds the walls of the second dining room, great used of muted colors.....and it's a mural of the area. 

There were some canoeist who'd just jumped off the river, either they ran the Sheepscot, which is my is awesome small whitewater after heavy rain, or they were out in Great Salt Way.
I'm definitely betting on the Sheepscot; they look like they were out for a real adventure. 

Some photo's of our food:

*Local* Oysters on the Half Shell (with Horseradish and Lemon)
With a refreshing Bug Lager from Liberal Cup Brewing Company.

Pulled Pork Nachos and an Extra Hoppy Session Ale from Oxbow Brewing

On special, they had fried avocado tacos with a blueberry salsa (with some sweet potato fries on the side.....

It was a fantastic meal. I definitely recommend giving the Newcastle Publick House a try if your in the midcoast Maine area!!!!!

Now, on to the party!!!!!!!!!!

My fave from last week is.....
Bandana Quilt from Creative Passage. What a great summery idea!!!!!


  1. Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Before I go any further, I have just one word. CHEESECAKE! :) Did you know that making a vanilla bean cheesecake will not only reduce table chatter during dessert, but it will make you a hero in the eyes of your family? Oh yes, yes it will! :) Thanks for hosting!

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