Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chloe and Buddy

This recent move of ours has taken a toll on Buddy. 
Not as much exercise recently and we live in a smaller space.
On the plus side, he gets to sleep on our bed in the mornings.

But, he is bored.

Can't you tell? 
It's definitely time for a little playing *ball*
or maybe go for a *walk**?

That's the head tilt Chloe makes every time we say "ball" and "walk.
She has been settling in well with this move, as she gets more time to snuggle under blankets in her kennel. Though Chloe is a pretty athletic dog, when given the opportunity to sleep in her bed or burrow underneath someone sitting on a couch, she'll take it every time. 

Buds, on the other hand, loves to be on the move:

We have got to take these doggies for a walk.
*Boston Head Tilt*

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