Sunday, August 4, 2013

Marvelously Messy and an Osprey Feather

We've moved.
For a time anyway.

We're trying something different and I am loving the change.

Nearby our new place, there is a baseball field with giant lights pointing down on it.....and it is there that some very handsome Ospreys have chosen to nest. 

They love to nest on man-made structures. In fact, in places where there are not a lot of high structures for Osprey to nest, kind people have been known to help by building tall platforms. Ospreys are known to mate for life. 

I found a gorgeous contour feather on the field below the nest that is, no doubt, an Osprey's:
What is underneath the feather is one of my current projects that I am LOVEing. 

Here's the mom and dad (one of them with a fish in it's talons) coming back to the nest:

Gorgeous birds. 
And, very chatty!!!! They peeped (and they really *do* peep) at me for the whole time I was there. 
Ospreys are diurnal, meaning they are awake during the day and asleep at night. 
Smart birds. 

Okay. Here's my favorite from last weeks party!!!!

Starfish Placemat by Burton Avenue. Super dooper cute!!!!

Now, on to the party!!!

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