Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sammy Dress: Great style and Really Low Prices!

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I can't resist a nice comfy cardigan. 
Especially if it is only $12!!!
Twelve Dollars. 

Now that is my kind of shopping. 
We live on a tight budget and I can't afford to buy the latest trend at the highest price. You'll find me strolling through many a consignment shop or yard sale to find my next outfit. 

That's why I think Sammy Dress is great. 

Look at this dress.....
I love how loose and flowing it is. It's elegant and it looks so comfy.
And.....it's $11.00!!

Or this dress:


Sure, summer is over (at least in the NorthEast), but we can always plan for next year right?

Not only does Sammy Dress offer fun men's and women's fashions, but they offer home decor, household products, and even jewelry.

Shipping is a bit longer than some of us may be used to, as this company is located in China. They do provide quality control checks over each order to ensure we're getting the best product possible, which I think is great. So, if you live in the United states you would expect to get your package within this time period: 2 to 7 days processing + 7 to 14 shipping = 9 to 21 days total. 
For these prices, I think that is very workable!!!

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