Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teespring: Making Money Easily For A Cause!!

This post was sponsored by Teespring. All opinions are my own and written in my own words!!

Teespring is the perfect place to fund a cause you are interested
.....or just make a little money!!!

All it takes is a little designing on your part, and a little social marketing, and you can raise money for the cause of your choice. 
Here's how it works:

Let's say I wanted to raise money for a 

I make a design for a tee-shirt:
I can use my own art (which I did, by editing a photo of Chloe) or I can use some of theirs.
I add words. 
I choose the style of teeshirt.

I can choose how many shirts I would like to make. 
I chose 50.
That would make a $16.77 base price per tee, and I would sell them at $19, making a profit of $2.23 per shirt. If all 50 shirts were reserved, they would print them, and I would make $111 for my cause!
You see, the shirts don't print until a set end date, which the seller decides. So, they don't have to put any money up front and only the people who really want the shirt buy it. No extras!

If I wanted to, and I liked making funny shirts I could make them for myself and all the money would go to me. MMMWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 
I would probably rather give it to charity. 

Check out this video of teespring to get a better idea of what it all is:

And, here is a designer tutorial:

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