Monday, October 28, 2013

Best Bike Storage

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and written in my own words. 

Many thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the Steampunk bike image!

Where do you store your bike? 

Bicycles can be such a pain to park or store because they are so large and heavy and their shape, while very reasonable while riding, is not very easy to handle when your feet are on the ground. If you own a business that encourages it's employees to conserve gas and get healthy by biking, you're going to need Cycle Shelters for those bikes to park. 

I'm a big fan of this particular bike shelter. It's super curly! Not only does it do the job well, but it imitates the shape of a bike in many ways and makes an artful and purposeful impact. Looking at that shelter, you would know just what it was for, and also be reminded of the beauty of bikes!

Bike shelters don't have to be an eyesore. They can be a lovely addition to the landscape. This one has alpine style that I think would blend in really well with a building of similar style.

Ultimately, what you choose for a bike shelter has to fit your needs. It has to be able to contain the right number of bikes as well and cover them from the weather. It has to be accessible and easy to use and, if you are hoping for style..... you've really got to find one that matches the looks of the buildings around it. 

There are bike shelters that are just simple metal frames with plastic roofs, aluminum sided ones, wood and aluminum, modern styles, new age styles, classic and antique styles. The question is, which one the right fit for you? I feel that having a bike shelter is not only a very polite amenity for a business to offer but also one that shows how much that business appreciates it's workers and is encouraging it's employees to be healthy.  

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