Thursday, October 10, 2013

BISSELL Vaccume: Light and Easy

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If you haven't already guessed from the name of my blog, I'm a messy kind of gal.

Amazingly enough, I spent a couple yars as a cleaning lady. I actually ran my own business! Now, I can't guarantee that I ran it right.....creative minds don't tend to be the most organized..... but I can tell you that I, at the very least, made some money. 

The real trick to house cleaning as a business is to have the right supplies. If you've got a vacuum that weighs a ton, you're going to hurt your back. For a time I had one that had great suction, but it was so heavy..... I could only clean for a couple of years before my back became really sore and I couldn't do it anymore. To truly be successful, and not hurt yourself cleaning houses, you need to have a light weight machine with a long reach so that you aren't twisting your back.

The BISSELL vacuum is touted to be very light weight, yet have a ton of suction. Those two qualities *have* to go hand in hand  for a good vacuum. Here are some of it's other characteristics:

~Swivel stearing

~No loss of suction and sealed system

~12 " foot for stability

~27' cord

~Large capacity dirt cup

~Long stretch nose

~One step removable pod for easy cleaning

 When I was cleaning a house and I knew that the owners were planning on having a party, there were extra steps that could be taken to give the house a little extra sparkle of clean. Here is what I reccomend:

~Clean lampshades and curtains, it brightens the room and makes such a difference in the way a room *feels*. This is a great step to take if you don't have time to thoroughly clean a room, but you want it to look wonderful.

~Take extra care to clean the pet hair off the furniture. You don't want the guests to be wiping themselves off when the stand up. 

~Vacuum the dust around stiar railings, window sills, and baseboards. It makes a big difference!!

Here are some other cleaning tips!!

BISSELL is currently holding a contest to win a new POWERGLIDE vacuum with lift off technology or a $50 gift certificate to be used at BISSELL:

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So, go ahead!! Check out that BISSELL. If it's as lightweight and full of suction at they say, it's bound to help you keep your body in shape while you clean! 




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