Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fabric Thanksgiving Turkey Pillow Tutorial

I made a fun little pillow for Thanksgiving yesterday. 

What do you think?

Pretty easy to do!

You just need:

Pillow fabric
Felt (red and oragne)
 Patterned fabric
Hot Glue
Heat and Bond

~Take your felt and patterned fabric and trim out feather shapes. Make a couple smaller than the rest.
~Make an oval shape out of burlap for the birds body and then trim the head and neck as one piece.
~Use the patterned fabric for a triangle shaped beak. 
~Take some red felt to make the wattle for the turkey.
~Using a piece of felt the same size as the body shape, cut out some scalloped lines of felt to place over the body, making them smaller and smaller.
~Take some time to put the pieces together without glueing them; just put them in place and see how it will look.
~Use the heat and bond to glue the fabric feathers to the pillowcase first, in a fan shape.
~Use hot glue to stick the felt feathers in between them. Biggest shapes in the middle working down to the smaller feathers on the side.
~Glue the body over the feathers.
~Glue the head and neck shape over the body. Then glue the scalloped pieces onto the body, trimming them to fit to either side of the neck.
~Use heat and bond to glue the beak down. 
~Glue the wattle over the beak. 

Ta daa!

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