Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Marvelous Mess and a Chinese New Year Paper Craft!

Welcome to the party!
Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year to a lot of other Asian countries) is on January 31st! I made a craft to help celebrate it:

It is the symbol for spring in Chinese. 
Want to see how to make it?
1. Take a piece of red paper, square sized. Fold it in half vertically, horizontally, and then diagonally both ways. 
2. You should be able to get four definable corners by pushing the valleys of the vertical and horizontal folds inwards. 
3. Gather all four corners into one triangle shape.
4. Sketch this design on it and cut out all the place where it is dark. 
5. It should look like this! 
6. Use glue to keep the pieces together.
7. Take some scraps of red paper and make a fringe, then roll it tightly up.
8. Glue the fringe on the tops and sides to make it stay.
9. Use a gold string (or a red one) and hot glue it to the top of the fringe and to the bottom of the paper cut out, where the box meets together in the center. Find some red string and glue it to the top of the craft so that you can place it somewhere as a decoration!
I found some pictures for this craft, with no real directions, at this site
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What have you all been up to? 
Here was my fave from last week:
Chocolate Fondant Cookies from KiddieFoodies....
some seriously big yum for those right now. 

Now on to the party!

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