Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hong Bao Goldfish and Marvelous Mess

The Chinese Lantern festival represents the end of the New Year celebrations and, as you would guess, also involves a whole lot of lanterns!! I made a Lantern out of Hong Bao (the traditional red envelope for presents) paper and into the shape of a Goldfish:

I found the tutorial online with the help of YouTube. You should try it! Though, prepare yourself for a whole lot of pausing. Go HERE for the video. 

Here are some other views of my Goldfish:

He's a pretty cute little guy. If you want to buy Hong Bao paper, I found mine on Amazon. There is paper for New Year and paper packets for wedding presents....turns out I used the wedding type without knowing and this got a few laughs from my Chinese friends. 

Why are fish so prominent in Chinese culture, you might be wondering?

The word for fish:     yú 

Sounds like these words:
  1.  yù  abundant  (imagine many fish swimming)
  2.  yú  fertile; rich (fish have many offspring; a full net of fish = rich)
  3.  yù  brilliant; glorious (like shimmering scales)
  4.   yù  jade (because it’s brilliant)
  5.  yù  desire; wish (for some fish, or some jade)
  6.  yù  grand; elegant (getting further away from the original meaning, but someone wearing jade looks elegant)
  7.  yù  reputation 
  8.  yú  handsome

And the word for goldfish:  金鱼jīnyú   literally starts with the character for gold / money. 
 (Thank you to for the translation!)

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