Monday, March 31, 2014

A Marvelous Mess

Welcome to my Marvelous Mess!
I went to a huge yard sale this weekend..... and guess what I found for $8?

 A vintage floor model globe!
It's got the USSR on it, which dates it anywhere from 1922 and 1991..... I'm betting on somewhere in the 80's though from the look of it. I'll look for more countries that don't exist anymore and that should help me get a better date. Do any of you know a secret to finding the date of a globe?  

 As I walked around with my globe throughout the rest of the yard sale, I got so many compliments! I knew it had been a good buy.

The dogs have been pretty curious about this new addition...

How was your week?

Here is my fave from last week!!!!!

Tiny Chickens Pattern from De Gulle Aarde. Um, adorable?!!!!

Now on to the party:

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