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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make Your Own Party Hats

For the Rainforest Birthday Party I hosted, I decided to make these fun hats to go along with it. Super easy to make, too!!
 If you'd like to see what else I made for the rainforest party go HERE

Here's what you need:
large piece of posterboard
party hat template (printed out)
tissue paper (in a variety of colors)
paper letters (I found mine at the Dollar Store)
Glue/water mixture 50/50
crepe paper streamers
Hot glue

~Print out the template in the size you would like and trace as many as you can fit onto the large posterboard. Trim them out and tape them into shape.

~With the glue/water mixture, paste on different colors of tissue paper (I used green to keep with my Rainforest theme). Let them dry (it doesn't take more than an hour).
*I added different layers of green to make stripes of lighter and darker green*
~Take your roll of crepe paper and pull out a longer piece (enough to go all the way around the wide brim of the hat). Fold it in half and take some scissors and make little cuts that go about 3/4 way to the middle of the folded half, don't trim all the way through. Once the whole strip is done, unfold it and hot glue the middle to the bottom of the hat. Fluff it out when it is dry.

 ~Use the same trimming trick to a smaller piece of crepe paper (folded in half) and this time wrap it around your pinky finger and then ease it off in that shape. Put a big dab of hot glue onto the tip of the hat and pop the center of the crepe spiral right on top of it. Add any extra hot glue you need to to keep the layers together. Once dry, fluff the top out.
~Use the glue/water mixture mixture to paste on the letters of children's names and let dry.
 ~Cut two pieces of ribbon (long enough to make it around the head to tie) and hot glue one end of each ribbon to opposite sides of the hat. Let cool and you're done!!

These are fairly easy to mass produce!!


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