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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Iris Folding Star 4th Craft

Oh, I'm getting my house all gussied up for the 4th!! Here is my latest Iris Folding craft. What do you think??
 If you are interested in learning to iris fold....look no further than THIS site. Circle of Crafters is the awesomest...and they have got plenty of tutorials and free patterns. For this project, I made my own pattern (yikes) and cut out my own template. I don't doubt that you can find a star template on CoC though. I'd look for you, but I've only been allotted 10 more minutes computer time by my family. :-)

For the matting around it a did a blue watercolor wash on a plain white cotton/linen piece of 8x11 paper. I trimmed it to fit the frame I wanted. I made the outer matting out of another piece of paper, a beautiful bright patriotic blue. To do this craft you absolutely need:
A selection of paper (including something heavier for the matting)
Scotch Tape
Exacto Knife
Watercolor paint (optional)

So, use that site I mentioned above and try some Iris Folding. I guarantee some "gussying-up" of the house. Check out THIS link to see some of my other projects I've done in this genre.

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