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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paper Twist Turkey Craft

Continuing on with the paper twist crafts. How about a turkey?? I am such a fan of this medium. The textures are *perfect* for the holiday season.
 Want to make a Turkey??

You'll Need:
Several different colors of Paper Twists
Small styrofoam ball
Hot Glue

  ~Cut a large circle out of the darkest colored paper twist (I used a regular sized glass to trace). Cut a small slice of one edge off. 
~Fold the circle in half and trim out feathered shapes from the sides like this:
~Cut more circles out of the different colors of paper twist and give each one it's own feathered trimming (they can vary as much as you like). Make each circle a bit smaller than the last, and be sure  to take the same slice out of each edge.
~Layer them all on top of each other, lining the flat edges up. Hot glue them each to the next, putting a large dot of glue in the center of the paper. 
~Using any previous color, cut a long rectangle and place the styrofoam ball in the center. Wrap the ball with it and hot glue it securely. 
~Using the excess pieces of the rectangle, twist them up into a neck shape:
 ~Dab a little hot glue to help it hold the shape. Save a little looseness at the end for the beak. 
~Use a small twist of a yellowish colored paper and make a beak. Hot glue it into the end of the neck. 
~Hot glue the covered ball to the circles of feathers. 
~Use a small piece of red paper twist to make the wattle and hot glue it on. 
~Use a couple little circles of white twist to make eyes and glue them on.
~Cut the shape of some little bird legs and hot glue them to the bottom of the bird. 
You've finished!!
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Kiddo Craft-O's: Leaf Turkey

This was the most recent craft I hosted at the library. I thought it would be a great way to welcome November and highlight the leaves that are now falling so fast from the tree's. :-)

What you need:
Pressed leaves
Assorted Foam Shapes
Craft sticks
Googly Eyes
Card stock Paper

~Glue the leaves onto the paper.
~Glue foam shapes on top as small feathers.
~Glue a round foam circle as the body.
~Find shapes for the head, wattle, and beak and glue them on.
~Add a craft stick (broken in half) for the legs.
~A nice googly eye for fun will finish the project!!
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