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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Cat's Meow

Boy, wouldn't Danny the kitty love to get his paws on this bird. This is my latest needle-felted friend made from wool that I cleaned and combed and dyed all myself. Woohoo for me, right?? Speaking of wool take a look at this little teeny mousie....don't tell the kitty....but he's made from Danny's very own cat fur.
Darn it all, I think he heard me. THAT'S RIGHT better be making some fur 'cause I'm going to USE IT ALL. You're going to be one Naked Kitty.
Just KIDDING Danny!! (He panics easily).

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, I Wish I Had a Cake Stand *deidle, deedle, deidle, dum*

Like the hen I found at a yard sale down the street?? I think I'm a fan. She makes a great flower vase, or painted egg storage container (the Munchkin has a collection). Here's what she looked like first:
Well, I was *not* a fan of the dried flowers. Sometimes, in certain situations, I am....but I read somewhere that they are really terrible for the feng shui of your space and that thought really stuck with me.  Plus, I feel like they give off negative energy (if you happen to believe in that kind of thing). So, those had to go. And, I wanted her color to pop a bit more. Yellow and white paint to the rescue!!
Such impertinence!! She wasn't a fan of the product I was using, I guess.  Two different colors of paint, some crayon, and some mod podge later and she was a brand new bird. 

I set up on the picnic table for her photo shoot. That was when I noticed the Cake Stand I was using. Now, my hubby got me this cake stand....and it is great. I am not complaining in the least!! It is very functional. But, I've been getting the urge for something really beautiful or even something really funky.  I have seen so many bloggers working with cake stands. Some crafters have even made them on their own....hmmmm. Here's a fun selection:
From the Graphics Fairy (she does the COOLEST stuff)!!!!

So **CUTE**!! Tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery !!

This is the perfect autumn cake stand from Prudent Baby . And, she used canned goods to make it!!
Well, there is certainly a lot of inspiration out there. I've just got to get my butt in gear and either build it or buy it!!

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