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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Found Art- Fairy Houses

Upon recommendation, my Munchkin and I rented a movie at our local library and found ourselves utterly inspired. The movie, titled  Kristin's Fairy House, is about a young girl and her Aunt (an artist looking for inspiration) who take a week-long vacation on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine. There they discover the fairy houses built throughout the woods by children. Kristin builds her own fairy house and her Aunt is inspired by the process and writes/illustrates the story of the Fairy Houses. Kristin narrates the adventure and the movie ends with the question: "Do you believe that fairies are real?"
My munchkin always answers without any hesitation, "Yes!!" 
We took off to a secluded part of our lawn and built our fairy dwellings using only the material nature provided us: bark, twigs, grass, rocks, dirt, leaves, and flowers. This craft was so enchanting and engaging for the imagination. There is nothing like seeing a fairy world in a pile of twigs to help open your mind. 
The entire afternoon felt magical. Our peony tree was blooming. I could just imagine the pollen as fairy dust.
The ants were helping our peony buds by eating the sweet nectar and encouraging the leaves to open.
I even made some fairy people to go with the houses. I just used the twig growth and leaves from the maples that we had set our houses up against:
 We even had a visitor.

It was so amazing to me to be able to make this Found Art and know that it probably wasn't going to weather for very long. It is transitory. Of course I could probably mod podge it (*wink*)....but where is the fun in that?? Okay, there's some fun in that, but not with this. I **like** that this art will not last....and that is pretty counterintuitive to how I normally feel about my art. But no matter how long it stays, these little homes and the time my Munchkin and I spent together on them, has made a lasting impression. 
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