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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pea Pod Baby Shower Craft

A little more than a year ago, I hosted a Baby Shower for my sister. I made a set of cards like the one above for the invitations. That little baby cracks me right up!! Just poking his head out of a pea pod. What a cutie!!  If you would like to try your hand at these, here are the directions:
You'll need:
2 shades of green paper
cream colored paper
yellow curling ribbon
blue marker
set of blank cards
~Cut a pea pod shape (like the one below) out of the darker green paper.
 ~Cut an elongated crescent shape out of the same paper.
~Cut some circle shapes out of the light green paper. 
~Cut one circle out of the cream paper. 
~Curl a long piece of ribbon and slice the end into thin verticle strips which you'll then pull down to make lots of thin curling strands.  Cut on piece to be the baby's curly-cue. :-)
~Put two small dots on the cream colored circle for the baby's eyes.
~Using a small piece of tape, tape the ribbon piece to the back of the baby's head (so that is sticks up on top)
~Glue the crescent shape to the middle of the card.
~Glue the pea pod shape over the crescent (leaving room for the peas and the baby to fit into the middle of the pea pod)
~Wait for the last step to dry, then glue the peas and the baby circle to the middle of the pod by tucking them slightly in between the crescent and the pod. 
You're all done!!

For the inside of the card I made it pretty simple. I found a stamp that had lots of curly embellishments and used that, the rest I wrote out. I know, it's not very professional....but I think that writing invitations by hand makes them so much more personal. :-)

Let me know if you try it out!!
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