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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sandpaper Crayon Craft

Here's a little craft that my Munchkin and I enjoyed today. I found an article here on how to do crayon transfers with sandpaper and regular crayons. Our house is filled with thousands of lounging crayons bits just waiting to be crafted into something new. This was the craft for us!!
What you need:


Start by making a crayon drawing on the sandpaper and be sure to press down HARD. You want that paper covered with wax. 
Iron your fabric to get all the wrinkles out and then flip the design over. Put a piece of tinfoil that is slightly bigger than your design under it to make sure that the wax doesn't seep into the back layer of the fabric (if you're doing a shirt).  Get that iron out and iron away. Try not to put it on the "charbroil" setting (like I did).
The Munchkin made this. Too cute!!!

I worked on some butterflies. I wanted to try a Morpho (since they've been on my mind recently ).
I made a fun selection and placed them on the shirt, colored side down. Then I ironed away. Have you seen my iron?? It's awesome. Goodwill, of course. :-)

Once you've ironed the drawing, gently peel it away and let the fabric cool. To wash fabric with crayon transfers, you *can* use a washing machine on cold....but I would reccomend handwashing with cold water and setting it out to dry. Do NOT put one in your dryer. Nope, nope, nope. Bad idea. 
You can see that the Morpho didn't quite come out as well as it could have. I think it *MAY* have had to do with the fact that I used a variety of crayons....some name brand and some not. I would suggest trial and error to see which produce the best results for you. I, only the other hand, was not paying enough attention. :-) 
This is a great kiddo craft, except for the ironing. Make sure that there is an adult around to use the iron....other than that, you're good to go!!

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