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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sea Glass Craft

After a week long vacation in a charming little cottage on the coast of Maine I had collected enough sea glass to do quite a few crafts. Here is the first one I've come up with. :-) My brain is still contemplating the possibilities available to me. 
To do this craft you need:
2 Embroidery hoops (same size)
strong thread
sea glass
Duco Cement Glue**
Wood Glue

**After a week of this sea glass hoop being placed on display a couple of pieces of glass fell off the strings. It may have had to do with the fact that it was placed over my kitchen sink and it was humid....but, I thought it would be good to tell you. I used the Duco Cement because it was the least harmful out of all the glass glues I could find at the store. Quite a few of the options were really volatile, and with my Munchkin around I wanted to use the least aggressive choice available to me. So, you might do better with another glass glue, or you could just try placing it in a less humid environment. I am content with the way it came out....I reapplied the glue to the fallen pieces and I have not had any problems with it. But, if you are going to be placing this around any small children or animals I want you to be aware that the glass pieces could possibly fall off and become a choking hazard. See what I mean about having OCD?? Yikes. I'll stop rambling now. :-)

There are probably many different ways to put this project together, but the way I did it went like this:
~Cut thread to fit embroidery hoop in different spots. I didn't measure to make the distance even, this has all been done with the finess of my eye. :-) Don't look too closely. 

~When you've placed the thread in the spots you'd like glue one end of each thread with wood glue and let it dry.
~ Now, line the rest of the edge of the hoop with wood glue and place the opposite ends of the threads in the places you'd like them to go. Pull them tight and let the glue set but not completely can add glue to the rest of the outer edge and lay the other hoop on top of the first one (matching up the metal tightening screws). Let that piece dry.
~Paint the hoops and try to stay away from the strings. 
~Now you're ready to glue the sea glass using the duco cement. I laid the hoop down on a table n placed something underneath the strings that made it so that the string laid loosely on the object. Then, I slid the sea glass under the strings and placed a dot where the string touched the glass. I let it dry (5-10 minutes) then added another dot to make the bond strong. Fill up all the strings with sea glass.....I added a piece of pottery in the center that I found on the beach as well. Giev the whole thing time to dry and then find a place to put your work. I recommend a window or somewhere that the light can truly catch it.
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