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Friday, October 22, 2010

Skeleton Family Tape Resist

I'm at it again with the heavy duty tape, this time the electrical. Like my Skeleton Family?? SOOOOO easy to do. Here's the drift:

White cardboard
Black paint
Electrical tape
Black Paper Twists
Hot glue

~Take the tape and, using thin pieces (you'll have to tear it), make a black skeleton on the white cardboard. I made a whole family, including the cat and dog. :-) 

~Paint the whole thing black. You can go over the tape, it will resist the paint. 

~Once dry, you can lightly scrape off the tape and you'll have a skeleton looking back at you. 
~Take a wooden dowel and wrap it with the paper twist, securing it with the hot glue. I also made two little paper twist rosettes for either end of the dowel. 
~Hot glue the pictures into place on the dowel. Once cool, put that baby up on the wall somewhere!!

Simple, right?? This is a good craft for kiddos and adults alike. 
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