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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Make an Autumn Wreath Craft

Here's one of my versions of an Autumn wreath. Pretty simple!! I loved using leather....I think the color and texture is perfect for fall. In fact, the straw floral wreath was a great choice too....all the materials used in the making of this wreath have been certified by the Reminiscent of Autumn council.  :-) 
To make this Wreath You Need:
Straw Floral Wreath
Dark Leather Cord
Light Leather piece
Glue Gun

  • Begin by wrapping the leather cord around the wreath. Spiral it around until the begging and the end of the cord meet and then use the hot glue to pin them to the back of the wreath. 
  • Make some figure eights with a long piece of leather cord and glue the center of all the pieces down to a portion of the wreath. Glue and acorn in the center of that, making it look like a little bow. 
  • Cut some leaf shapes out of the light, soft leather and glue a small piece of the dark leather down the center of it, making it look like the stem. Make 5 of these. 
  • Take the stems of all five of the leaves and gather them at the ends. Glue them underneath the acorn bow. 
  • Take one more piece of leather cord and coil it up, making a big spiral. Glue this over the stem ends to cover the up and add a little embellishment. 

There you go!! I almost don't want to display on my door. I can just imagine this on my coffee table. Of course, the straw pieces scattered all over the house would drive me bonkers. Danny, the cat would adore it. :-)

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Clothespin Wreath

Here my latest attempt to cover the bare spots on my walls (or maybe, the crayon marks??). This is a really simple clothespin wreath. I had seen it somewhere recently, a little different that mine in contruction, and the painting was more of a rainbow of colors and less a work with blue shades. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I saw it and a google image search didn't give me any clues. If you think it may have been *you* who inspired me with the project, let me know so that I can credit you accordingly.
To do this project you need:
Wire wreath frame
Cloth (long strip)
~Paint you pins however you would like. I enjoyed doing shades of blue, but they are plenty of other options. Let them dry.
~Use the cloth to wrap around the frame, over and over, until all of it is covered. 
~Start pinning those pins on. I think it looks great if you make enough of them to have them close together.'re done. That easy!!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

4th of July Craft Collection

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I've been busy as a bee making some 4th of July Crafts, wanna see?? 



 Here's a simple Betsy Ross-ish flag ( I made 12 stars instead of the traditional 13). For this craft all you need is:

Small rectangular piece of wood
red, white, umber, and blue paint

I just found a good picture of a Betsy Ross flag and went to town. I sketched it briefly with a pencil and then painted the stripes area all white and the stars area all blue, letting the areas dry before adding any more. Then, I added red stripes and white stars. I did this on all sides of the wood block for some consistency.  When everything was dry, I did mixed some raw umber and water and did a light wash over the whole piece to give it some aging. I let is dry and Voila!! All done.


Just today I made a little 3d star garland. Simple and easy. HERE is the link for the 5 point star pattern. It's really basic and if you have the time I am sure you can do something A LOT better than what I did. Still, it's fun!!

Last but not least is a fun one for kiddo's. I currently host a craft time at my local library and this was our most recent project (that we'll finish this week).  What you need to make it is:
Card Stock
Black Paint
Color a piece of card stock with as much crayon color as you can like this:

You want every bit of paper showing through covered with crayon. Once finished, paint it entirely with black paint and let it dry. Once it is completely dry, use something pointy to scratch your design on the surface. I went for fireworks to go with the 4th of July theme.  The trick to this craft is that the paint cannot adhere to the wax from the crayons, so it is easily etched away. Fun, eh??

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