Sunday, December 20, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Resist Christmas Tree

Ha. That title cracks me up. The actual technique I was using to make the Christmas Tree design was a "resist" but when it's written the way it is above it sounds like the internal monologue of a Terminator hell-bent on having a bad time during the holidays. 

I digress. This tree is so easy to do. All you need is
  • masking tape
  • watercolor paint
  • paper
 You start by getting some small pieces of tape and place them on the paper, feathering them down from what you would imagine would be the center of your tree. It looks something like an arrow tip.

Remember that where you place the tape will be where the paint cannot reach....the paper with tape on it "resists" the paint. So, it will be white under the tape. It took my brain a bit of time to grapple this concept for some reason (I am going to point the finger at motherhood). Once you've laid all the tape, it's time to paint. Pick your color and go for it!! You definitely want to fill in all the gaps on the inside of the tree and you can go around some of the edges on the outer tape....but not all, because you'll want it to have that realistic look of a snow-laden bough. Let the paint dry, and when it is finished you can slowly peel the tape back and look at the little winter wonderland you've created. You could also consider flattening the entire picture, once fully dry, with a book to get a neater appearance.There are so many great things you can do with this resist twist on the Christmas tree would be to use green paper and white acrylic paint and do the reverse. Either way, it is sure to add some more charm to your homes during the holiday season. This is a great craft for kids's like magic to them when the tape is peeled away. :-)

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