Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St Patty's Day Sprouting Irish Derby Tutorial

After some deliberating over an Irish craft I came up with this doozy-a doozy of a derby. And it satisfies some of that planting instinct that seems to affect people (or maybe just me??) this time of year. It's a pretty easy little derby you can create with your own munchkin buddy or by yourself. 
You'll need:
Small Flower Pot
Medium size Saucer
Emerald Paint
Flathead Screwdriver
Rock (or hammer) ;-)
Green Glitter
Coffee Filters 
Wood Glue
Elmer's Glue
Potting Soil
Clover Seed

Start with your clay pot and base and knock out a large hole out of the bottom using the screwdriver and your trusty rock. I honestly use a rock more than a hammer when pounding things in.....they seem to be much more available in my house. I did things a little backwards and painted first, then knocked out the holes....so I had to do a little touch-up painting.
Next, you need to put a little hole for drainage in the middle of the saucer. I had attempted to use a drill and a nice large drill bit the first time through but it turns out that I kinda suck at drilling things. I couldn't seem to get it to work. No doubt, you may be more handy at it than I am.....however, with the clay pots, it's super easy to chop a little hole using simpler tools. Either way works!!
Now it is *glitter time*. Once the pots are dry, make a mixture of glue and water and a bit of the emerald paint and paint your pots with it. While they are still wet, sprinkle some glitter as evenly as you can over the whole thing.
Then, use the wood glue to attach the pot to the saucer (that you have drilled a drainage hole in). Let it dry. Then douse the finished project with the glue mixture and the glitter.


Now, it's time to use the coffee filter. Take one coffee filter and put a little bit of soil in it then stuff it gently into your flower pot and place it over the drainage hole in the bottom. This will help to keep the soil from draining out of the pot when you water it (it's a great trick for any potted plant). Open up the filter and press it up against the insides of the pot as wide as it will go. Then fill it up with the rest of the soil and water it (you'll want it sitting on a folded paper towel). No doubt you will need to add some more soil and water to make it close to level with the top (you don't want it to be higher than the lip or it will spill over when you water). 

It's time to put the seeds in as well!!  The clover should sprout fairly quickly over the next couple of weeks!!
And, there you have it, your St. Patty's Day Sprouting Irish Derby. This should be a really fun (if a little extensive) kids craft!! 


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  1. That looks like a ton of fun! Love it: ) Green is my most favorite color! Too bad all I can see when I look out my door is white, white, white! MAN!

  2. That's so cool. I think I might try this with my daughter. She'd like the painting and planting.

  3. Life with Kaishon: You're lucky you even have the white...we're about to get 2-5 inches of rain today, on top of the ice jam (see my earlier post for pictures) we're going to have some flooding!! At the same time, rain in my mind always means spring. And spring is a **good thing**. :-)

  4. Oh, that's a cute idea! How fun! Thanks for linking up with such a great post! :)


  5. Glad you ladies like it!! We certainly had a lot of fun. Seems like nowadays I can't seem to stop the craft from bursting out of me.... and my little munchkin is the inspiration behind it all. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!

  6. What a great idea. this turned out great.

    Thanks for joining Get your Craft on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party.


  7. What a cute craft project. I love the sparkly green glitter!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Diastasis Symphysis Post.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  8. You had me at "glitter time." I'm truly convinced that glitter (and glitter-related crafts) could help create world peace.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad I was informative!

  9. OMG, too cute! One of my friends is a crafty type like yourself, I am going to forward your blog to her! Her's is www.becominghomegrown.blogspot.com

    Happy MOnday, stopping by from SITS...


  10. That is a great idea!!! I love it


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