Sunday, February 21, 2010

Putting my Money on Monet

Over the weekend I finished the Herculean task of organizing my crafting supplies and moving them from the Munchkins closet to a new space. Once I saw the wall space available, I started to envision what kind of mural I could paint to transform the space into something more likely to inspire imagination and play. In the summertime, I like to plant a large flower garden and assign the task of caring for it to my daughter and I. We stick with all of the non-toxic varieties (it's really important when gardening with children that you are all aware of the toxic nature of most flowers and many sure to check out this link). We plant mostly batchelors buttons, cosmos, sunflowers, pansies, nasturiums, torch tithonia (mexican sunflower), zinnias, etc. She adores it. We all do!! I try to plant it so that it creates a special space for her and her friends to enjoy nature and pretend. 
  The garden started slow this year, not because we were slow to plant, but because of about a month of rain. 


The cosmos *loved* the rain and grew so tall. It waited to flower until the rain had stopped....and by that point it towered over even me!!

  Long story short, that garden is what this mural is based on. The Munchkin is pleased with it, my husband is pleased with it....I am a bit of a harsher critic. Well, I like how the stamps all turned out. Here's how I did it. 
Sponges trimmed to all different shapes and sizes!!
I based the shapes on the images of the flowers I had from the garden. 

Enough. I think I'll leave the murals to Monet and stick to gardening.


  1. Very sweet -- glad I got to see it in the works -- what a lucky munchkin.



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