Monday, February 15, 2010

~Docket Duly Updated~


   ....I actually finished those two projects on my docket in a reasonable amount of time. There was not even any bit of shuffling them out of eyesight (well, the papier mache mountain was not going *anywhere* but I could have been much sneakier with the dress. I refrained.) Yay me!! The pillowcase dress turned out fantastic and it was also fantastically simple. Even for me, and I tend toward absolute sewing failure most of the time. Don't even ask me about how many times I have sewn myself OUT of a lined garment (i.e. I can't get back into the garment to turn it right-side-out. It's pathetic.). Seriously, don't ask. It's sad. But, this set of  instructions helped me to turn the tide in the Battle of the Bobbin. Also, I totally adore this pillowcase that I found at goodwill. It has a sister to go with it that has light green trim instead of yellow and it's on my list of things to finish before spring vacation. 
As for the Mountain....

We finished it!! It was a family effort that took a lot of drop cloth, tempera paint, homemade mod podge, and (of course) imagination. I wanted this project to be an exercise in shading and highlighting with paints for my daughter. We did it simply: One color paint to be used at a time. Light green paint on the elevated areas, darker greens/blues/purples on the recessed. Then some grays for the rocks, paths, and caverns. Finally, some light greyish/whiteish paint for the most elevated of the rocky areas. Once dry, the whole thing was painted with our homemade mod-podge mixture and voila!! She was really proud of herself for all the effort she put into it.....and for the final result. Now we have a place to stack a small portion of her giant collection of shleich animals. Those little animals provide a really quick and painful lesson in kartwheeling when they are left haphazardly on the floor. So, it's a win-win on all counts!!

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