Monday, November 22, 2010

Krome Photos Help with the Holidays!!

Are you like me and have a photo tech-savvy disability?? I work hard to take the best photos but ultimately I try to do some photo editing of my own. It's not always the best. Take this picture up above of the very cool Swix....I had my camera on the wrong lighting setting. Is there something a photo editor can do to help improve the look of this picture?? I want Swix to look his best, ya know?? 

Photo editing can be a lot of work. It's enjoyable, but I just don't have time for it most days.  Now the holidays are upon us and I don't about you, but my camera is constantly clicking in the hopes of catching those perfect moments. I'll probably take close to 100 photos on Thanksgiving alone. Wouldn't it be perfect if someone ELSE could edit my photo's for me??!!*drumroll please*

Krome Photos can help!! With a personal photo editor, you can have your photo's fixed in no time!! The full Krome Treatment involves:
*Red Eye Correction
*Color Correction
*Sorting and Tagging
*Artistic Retouching
You have got to check out this site. It could be SUCH a help, especially through the holiday season. Image someone else doing the work for you!! Yay!! 
Wanna try it for free?? They are offering a free trial of 25 photos edited for free. 
Right now Krome is also having an introductory offer for those that sign up: Get your first 100 photos edited for only $2.50, you save 90%!!
You can also find Krome on Facebook here:

~This post was brought to you from your friends at Krome Photos. All opinions in this post are my own!!

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