Monday, November 22, 2010

A Shutterfly Christmas

When it comes to choosing seasonal cards, there is usually only one choice: mine. I have always enjoyed making my own. I've done iris folding cards, pop-out cards, strange marbelized paper name  it, I've done it!! This year I've been feeling a little *bleh* about making my own. With the craft fair looming and my blog becoming a much more permanent part of my day, I'm feeling like a just don't have time to devote to it. So, I've been talking myself through this process and here's what I've come up with: There is nothing un-crafty about photo cards, because you are using your art (the photos) to make them.  To make a nice card there has got to be the perfect picture (or pictures) to make the whole card work. That takes craft!! I have sufficiently convinced myself that Photocards are good and therefore I can do them. ;-) 

Have you heard of Shutterfly before?? Let me introduce you:

~You can store all your pictures on shutterfly free of charge.
~Share pictures with friends instantly (and friends don't have to sign up to see the pictures!!)
~Pick up your 4x6 photos at Target, Walgreens, or CVS in less than an hour!!
~Turn your photos into gifts (books, cards, etc)
~Find plenty of articles and "how to" videos to help you edit your collection.

After perusing their catalog here are some special products that really caught my eye:

So, yeah, I'm sold. I am definitely going with Shutterfly this season. :-) 
You can find Shutterfly here as well:

FACEBOOK (They are currently holding a Holiday Photo Contest!!)

~Brought to you by your friends at Shutterfly. All opinions in this article are my own and I stand by them!!

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