Thursday, March 3, 2011

Britax Frontier 85 CSN Review!!!!

I was lucky enough to participate in a review with CSN Stores (did I mention I LOVE CSN??) and I used the gift code they gave me to go towards buying the *incredible* car seat you see above. It's the Britax Frontier 85 and it is the new thing in my life to be thankful for. You see, I was diagnosed with OCD a few years back and one of the many ways that it affects me in my day to day life is with checking (and rechecking and re-rechecking) the safety of locks, buckles, straps, etc. I'm quite capable of spending 15 minutes trying to buckle my Munchkin into the car seat. I just haven't found a seat that I feel totally comfortable with. After some exhaustive research, the best brand that I came up with by far is Britax. 

Here is what I LOVE about this booster seat:

- the 5 point harness (the same buckle system used for infant seats) can be used up to 85lbs....this is incredible!! Tests have proven that the shoulder belt is no where near as effective at safely containing a child during a collision as the 5 point makes so much sense to keep it as long as possible (this was the BIG reason why I dreaded switching to a booster seat). You know who else uses a 5 point harness?? Race car drivesr and fighter pilots....because it is the safest way to contain a body during a crash.
- has True Side Impact Protection which shields against a vehicle intrusion, helps to contain a child's body during a crash, and also keep the child's head an neck in good alignment. This is done by have a good frame around the shoulders, energy absorbing foam with a firm layer underneath to help distribute the energy, and a head restraint (also lined with the energy absorbing foam)  to keep the child's head and neck in alignment. 

 - HUGS. Harness Ultra Guard System. This are chest pads for the harness that are made of an elasto polymer with treads on the back. They minimize the movement of your child during a crash.  

- Ease of Use: it is so easy to adjust this seat to fit your child!! The harness has ten different positions it can move to and the buckle has three. Simply pull a strap to tighten the belts. 

Here is what I don't LOVE about this seat:

- It is not incredibly easy to install this car seat into your car. You definitely need to fiddle around with it for a while (maybe 15+ minutes) to get it to perfectly fit. 

 - It is won't want to be hauling this car seat around (say, in the airport....) it weighs almost 20lbs. (19.6 lbs to be exact) 

All in all, this car seat is wonderful. I am really pleased with it....and my munchkin and I are both pleased with the fact that it doesn't take me so long to buckle up!!

So, what are you waiting for?? This car seat is worth it. You child's safety is DEFINITELY worth it!!

~I was provided with a gift code from CSN Stores for the purpose of a review. All opinions in this post are written in my own words and entirely my own.

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