Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marvelous Mess #2 Feature!! Chaps!!

The second week of A Marvelous Mess party has past and we had a total of 77links!! Woo hoo....that is 27 more than last week. Aw yeah. :-) 

Here are some of my favorite projects from this past week:

Antique Silverware Mold Knockoff from Vintage Skye
A beautiful Ballard knockoff with a great looking patina!!

Lego Star Wars Cookies from the Domestic Sugar Bake Shop
I totally cracked up over these. SO funny....and, yeah, they look super tasty. :-)

Mocha Brownie Torte from One Happy Little Farm .........and, I think there should be a warning before viewing such deliciousness that it may cause quick trips to the grocery store for ingredients not on hand. I just gained, like, 15 pounds. 

And, the project I have decided to feature on my sidebar for a week is.......dun dun dah:
Rodeo Chaps from Lilybug Designs. Are these not the cutest, sassiest chaps you've ever seen. Go on over to Lilybug and get the quick and easy tutorial!!

Thank you so much to everyone who linked up. Tell your blog friends to join you next week for 
A Marvelous Mess!!

 If I featured you, feel free to grab this button for your blog:



  1. Thanks for featuring the chaps I made my little cowgirl in your sidebar.


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