Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doggy Crate Toy Box

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In keeping with the bed I made for my puppy Chloe (constructed from a bulb crate), I have made a Crate Toy Box for Chloe and our newest pup Buddy to share. It was really simple to make. I found a great crate at a yard sale that was used to store fancy popcorn....
It was the perfect size!! So, here was how I did it:

Small Wooden Crate
4 Round Wooden Balls (mine had a nice flat surface on them in one spot)
Wood Glue
Spray Paint (in color of your choice)

1. Flip crate over so bottom of it is pointing up.
2. Using wood glue, attach one ball to each corner (as evenly as possible)
3. Spray paint and let dry.
4. Once paint is totally dry, sand it in spots where it would usually get some wear to give it a shabby look.
5. Put some dog toys in it and then take several hours out of your day (every day for a month) to teach your dogs to put their toys back in the crate when finished.
6. Just kidding. I mean, your dogs aren't lassie or white fang...right? We're just doing this because it's cute and it's a place to put the toys that always end up under our feet.

Cute, huh? This would work great for magazines....or even a box for all those pairs of flip flops floating around in the summer time!! Try is out and I know you find plenty of uses for it!!

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  1. Oh my how cute. Just what I need and have a crate just sitting out on the deck as sort of a decoration.

    We have doggie toyd in every room of the house at times. Would be great to have a place to put them other than their beds.

  2. Too fun! The ball legs just make this project!

  3. Oh my! So simple yet it looks fabulous! I have two fuzzy puppies with LOTS of toys! I need to do this!
    Found you on A Crafty Soiree and am your newest follower! :)

  4. I love your transformation! Saw you on link party, I am now following you via google, fb and pinterest, Karima x

  5. Very smart idea. Thanks for linking it to HSH!


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