Friday, July 22, 2011

Zenni Optical: Save Money on Glasses!!!

I just returned from picking up the hubby's new prescription sunglasses at our local eye care center today. The glasses are great.....the price is *not*. Luckily, we have a prescription plan that pays for one pair for each member of the family. But, if those glasses get busted.....we just can't afford to pay the full price!! Glasses are ridiculously overpriced in my opinion.

Or, so I thought, until I check out Zenni Optical. This site has a deal going on every kind of glasses you can buy....affordable prescription eyeglasses, single vision, bifocals, name it, they've got it!! Besides the price, one of the things I am a big fan of is the styles of frames they offer. There is SUCH a huge variety. Way more than you'll see in any Opticians office. Check these out:

Totally funky. They've got Holiday collections, Children's collections, every size and shape you can imagine!! There is also a fun Zenni Optical blog where they are currently offering a chance to Share Your Zenni Story and tell the world why you bought your Zenni glasses. It was interesting to read the blog and listen to others tell their stories....from a soldier in Afghanistan to a Retired School teacher living on very limited means. Zenni has definitely made an impact with it's customers!!


  1. I bought a pair of glasses at Zenni a couple of years ago and I have been totally happy with them. It cost me a little over $70 for glasses (frame + progressive lenses), clip on sunglasses, hard case, and cleaning cloth. The progressive lenses are usually expensive - so you can see these were a real bargain! And I got them quickly, too!

  2. Wow I wish I had found them before. I just got new glasses in Feb. and paid almost 400.00 for them. And that was with AAA discountand did not include the eye exam. I could have gotten several here. I am adding it to my favorites though for next year.


  3. Thanks for your special comment on my blog. Look forward to connecting again.


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