Sunday, July 24, 2011

Durable Leather Squeaky Dog Toy

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We have an issue in this house. Chloe and Buddy aren't very tolerant.
Of shabbily made squeaky dog toys, that is.

I am determined to make them something that will last longer than 2 minutes. :-)
Wanna see what they can do to a regular squeaky in 2 minutes????

I had to get that squeaky out of Buddy's mouth before he swallowed it. :-)
So, here is my solution to the shabby squeaky:

It a leather lion with a squeaky I saved from a previous shabby toy. Not bad, eh? Leather is so incredibly durable....and doggies love to chew it. :-)

To make one of these you'll need:

stuffing (saved from old toy)
squeaky (saved from old toy)

~Take an oval shape of leather.
~Fold it in half and trim one inch in on the outer egde all the way around (except for the straight edge).
~Trim out pieces for the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and sew them onto one side of the folded oval (the straight edge is his "chin" area).
~Sew the folded oval together around the Mane line....leaving enough room to stuff it (just like a pillow. No need to do any inside out can hardly see the thread on the leather and it would make it *incredibly* hard on your sewing machine.
~Stuff the lion with the used fiber and the squeaky....make sure not to overstuff it or there won't be enough room for the squeaky to squeak. :-)
~Sew the remaining parts back up and give the toy to the dog.

Does the doggy like it?

Buddy does. :-)
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  1. Love this! My dogs love nothing more than to "dissect" their toys. I can't wait to give this a try!


  2. Very cute. Perfect for your favorite pooch. Thanks for linking it up at HSH!

  3. Great idea and tutorial! i love it, thanks for sharing.


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