Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marvelous Mess #25 and Features!!

AH!! I'm running behind today!! Thanks so much for linking up......I'll get right to my favorites:

A DIY Birdbath from Art For Little Hands. Love the sea glass and the simplicity of the project....I don't doubt the birds will love it too!!

A Braided Updo by Raising 4 Princesses. Isn't this gorgeous?!?! I only wish I could put my hair up like that. I love short hair but you just can't create these kinds of updo's with it. 

Cocoa Butter Coffee Lotion from One Mom's World. Um, awesomely delicious?? Make's me hungry. My skin, that is. ;-) Right. 

and the post I'm going to feature on my sidebar for a week............

Family Saftey Meeting from Mommy Minded. Love this idea from the emergency fire drills, tornado drills, a safe meeting place in emergencies, to smoke alarm battery checks. It was an inspiring read and a great reminder to have your whole family on the same page about safety. Added at the end of the post was a great idea to include personal body safety. It's so important to talk to your children about body safety.....from the basics of "Don't talk to strangers" to all the things an adult (that you know or don't know) should never do. There is a great movie called The Safe Side that you can find on Amazon. I found it at our local library and it makes learning about personal safety fun and important all at the same's not intended to "scare" but to arm your children with the tools they need to keep themselves better protected. Please take the time to read up on how to talk to your children about how to keep themselves safe. Include it as part of your family safety meeting and make it a regular topic of discussion. If you are looking for more information on how to keep your children safe, the
Polly Klass Foundation offers free kits to anyone living in the US.
Also, this site has some great articles:
LIFE 123

So, please take the time to go over these important facts with your kids and help empower them and you to be safe!!

Whew. Big (but important) topic.

Okay, switching gears....
 Thanks to all of you for linking up!!
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