Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Energy Mom Vitamins

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Being a Mom is a LOT of work. It wipes you out mentally and physically at times. For instance, my memory has never been the same since I was pregnant. I call it, "Mom Brain".....and I know I'm not the only one with this affliction. :-) Many of my mom friends complain of the same thing. I also have issues with having enough energy during the day, getting enough sleep at night (when you've got a newborn, it goes without saying!!), and maintaining weight loss. 

I was given the opportunity to review New Energy Mom vitamins recently. I took them for an entire month (daily). I hadn't been taking a regular mulitvitamin for  a while....only supplementing with vitamin d and the b-complex's to help me out. So, my body was totally excited to have this healthy switch happen!! When the month was up, I went on for another month without taking any extra multivitamins. There was a noticeable difference from one month to the next!! 

Taking New Energy Mom's
*Better sleep
*Improved Mood
*Less Anxiety
*Clearer skin (this isn't mentioned on the site as a bonus....but I thought I'd bring it up!!)
*More mental drive
*More Energy

For the past month I haven't taken the Multivitamins.....and it really has made a difference in the mental and physical zone that i have been in. I only just recognized this. I have been in a slump recently......and I think I know why now!! My body is nowhere near as healthy as it was earlier int he summer. So, from my perspective, I will *totally* recommend New Energy Mom multivitamins.....they have really made a difference in my life!!
You can find New Energy at these places:

I was given product in return for a review. All opinions stated in this review are my own, and it was written in my own words.


  1. Sounds like a great vitamin. I'm always tired after a long day of work, kids, football! And clear skin is definitely a plus :)

  2. I definitely need to take my vitamins - they really make a difference!

  3. I could really use a good energy boost!

  4. Energy? What's that? LOL!!! I take vitamins already but nothing specific like these. Sounds interesting...thanks for sharing!

  5. I could definitely us a vitamin to give me a little more energy! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I could use some more energy! Thanks!

    Oh, and I love the name of your blog! :)

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