Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Marvelous Mess #21 and Features

Ah, another sweet weekend of beach and family. Even on Sunday night, I'm busy!! :-) I hope you guys are having a lovely summer. 
Here are my fav's from last week:
Homemade Oreos from Captive Creativity. Um.....delicious??!!

Lily's Play Kitchen for under $100 from Utah Country. I love how it looks like a real kitchen, not covered in pinks/blues and checkered patterns like most kids kitchens. This one looks *real*. And, that is just the ticket!!!
Thrifted Fourth of July Decor from Something Created Everyday. Love the use of's vintage and crafty all at the same time. :-) Some great ideas for next years celebrations. 
And, the post that I am going to feature on my sidebar for a week:
Cream Puffs from Red Door Kitchen. These look so scrumptious!!

For those ofyou that I featured in this post, congrats and be sure to grab a button!!