Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunny Seat Cat Bed for Danny

Danny is very thankful for my blog. It has provided me with two opportunities to give Danny some kitty presents. The first was the ShedMonster and, let me tell you.....we ALL appreciate that tool!! The second, and the one you see above.....is the Sunny Seat!! Danny is a big fan of this one as well. The sunny seat gives him some reprieve from Chloe and Buddy:
 Who can be quite persistent. :-) 

The sunny seat is the perfect place for him to perch, get some sun, and clickity clack at all the birds outside (Does YOUR cat do that??!!). The sunny seat installs instantly. It has four seriously large suction cups to help hold Danny's fairly meager weight.

Here is what I like about the Sunny Seat:
~A perfect perch for those height craving kitties.
~Keeps cats from sitting in less convenient places.

Here is what I didn't like:
~Only fits large windows ( 30" or wider)

And, you'll see this on the packaging, but I'll warn you of it anyway (because we encountered this issue)......make sure you wash and dry the window you're putting the Sunny Seat on. Ours wasn't as clean as it could be and the suction cups DID come off, luckily Danny was not in it. Kind of embarrassing really......I just don't clean my windows enough!! :-/

All in all I was quite happy with Sunny Seat. I love the picture above where you see multiple cats lounging around on all their seats.....I bet this seat would be super fun for a multiple cat household. And, it's a good deal on the product HERE.....Buy ONE get ONE FREE!!!! Plus, you get two laser cat toys (and, believe me, Dog's love em too!!) with the purchase. 

This post was written in association with Sunny Seat. All opinions stated within are my own and written entirely in my own words.

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