Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Atlanta's Great

Contribution by Saul Martin

My parents live in Atlanta and it’s a great place to go down and visit. There’s so much to do there for the kids from the World of Coke to the Aquarium and they just like walking around in the city with all the big buildings. It doesn’t take much to make them happy! Anyway, I went to before I came down last time because my husband had showed me a few articles from the paper talking about how their neighborhood was having some break ins and it got me spooked. Anyway, I hope they never move since it’s such a great place to go down to and they seem really happy there and that’s all you ever really want for your parents anyway, you know? I try to be a good daughter and they make it easy for me to want to visit when they live in a cool city – it’s much better than my husband’s parents who live all the way out in Kansas!

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