Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm The Duck Duck Goose Champion

You better believe it baby. I rock at Duck Duck Goose. :-) Actually, if I could remember very well that far back, I would probably recall that I kinda sucked at "The Goose". I got all my height really early on....long legs, long arms, long chin (if you knew me, you'd chuckle at that one). But, all those characteristics make for a very awkward kiddo. Duck Duck Goose eluded me much more so than I ever eluded the kid I tapped goose. 

So, this Duck Duck Goose shirt (which can be found in the Vintage T Shirt category) from Nacho Mama Tees is my opportunity to win back some of the pride that I lost in gym so many years ago. :-) Think it'll work?? I'm sure people will believe me. You believe what you read right??

Something fun I did with this shirt at well was to make it a rough scoop neck from a tutorial I found on A.Steeds.Life. She gets some great results turning a plain tshirt in to a fitted, scoop-necked shirt. 
 I will be using this tutorial a lot in the next few weeks. I can just hear my husband now:

"Where are all my T-shirts!?!?"

If you are looking for more funny t-shirts.......check out Nacho Mama Tee's!!

I was compensated for the post by Nacho Mama Tee's....all words and the opinions behind them were written in my own words.

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  1. This is a Good product. The only negative is that it Needs a stronger collar. It tends to be misshapen after only a few hours of wear.


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