Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fotobounce: Share Your Photos With Security

I have taken a lot of vacations in the past couple of years. Lots of family time and SO much fun....I would love to share all the pictures of our trips with all of my friends and family. There are times when I take a picture and think, "I've GOT to send this to Mom....." or any other variation on that theme. Everybody loves looking at pictures and seeing what other people are up to. 

Have you read my Who, Moi?? tab up above?? In it, I tell you that I have OCD. Not the silly oh-I-need-to-fold-my-socks-just-right OCD but the kind that makes me check the locks constantly and doubt myself everyday. So.....something that really gets my OCD all revved up is having *everyone* see my photo's. I feel like I can't share pictures on Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket.....because it freaks me out that the whole world can see them and not just the people that I intended.

Enter Fotobounce
Fotobounce is a photo sharing site that gives you control over who see's your photo's. It is local to your computer, not part of some web photo storage site. You can invite only family and friends, if you please. Or, lots of people. But, you decide!! Fotobounce will even help by importing email contacts.

Here are some of my favorite fun facts:
*You can send emails invites with sneak peeks of the photo's you want to share.
*Great Security!! Fotobounce encrypts all photos with 128bit, only the people you intended can see the photos. 
*You can see whether your friend/family "Bouncers" are on/offline like skype!!

Fotobounce also offers a handy "Face Recognition" feature that will tag the faces it knows accurately in your albums. Not only does it help to tag them....but if you were to decide to put some photo's on Facebook, it would transfer the tags and save you the time!!
 You can download Fotobounce for FREE for PC or MAC!!

All in all, I am completely happy with Fotobounce. It has helped to ease my mind....and in my book....that is BIG. I heart Fotobounce. :-) 

You can find Fotobounce here:

I was compensated for this review by Fotobounce. All words/opinions are my own!!!

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