Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School Clothing

Have you ever seen Tea Collection clothing? I just discovered them today and I am totally in love!! They have the best boys and girls clothing. They have such a great ethnic flair....these outfits aren't like anybody else's. Right now their back to school clothing is focused on Modern Mexico. The patterns are fantastic....

I love the look of the girls clothing in particular. It is feminine but not ridiculous (i.e. hot pink with frills) and playful. These clothes will take a kiddo from play date to dining out. I love long dresses and legging combos. The short sleeved dresses can just be layered with long sleeve shirts through the winter!! That's a cost effective outfit!!

The goal behind Tea company is to bring a little of the world to our dressers.....there by making the world a little less "distant" and a little more friendly. They find their inspiration in the many ways the people of a region express themselves. It's such a cool idea for a clothing company.

Their prices rival Gymboree but are still on the expensive side....look for deals when you can find them. Though I don't own any pieces of their clothing (Yet....) I can bet they are well made and of good quality fabric, like Gymboree. For the a little more money than a cheap can get a piece of clothing that will last your munchkin much longer. I hope you have good luck shopping at Tea Company!!

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