Friday, September 2, 2011

Prefense Giveaway!!

Being a Mom and worrying about germs is one thing.....being a Mom with OCD worrying about germs is another. I take it to a whole new level. :-) I got the opportunity to review a new hand sanitizer recently and I *jumped* on it. Munchkin is back to school now and I am on that germ-worrying train. Have you ever heard of Prefense?
Prefense is just like the tag line says in the picture above. One spray lasts all day.....and it doesn't contain any alcohol!! Yay!! I am NOT a big fan of using regular hand sanitizers because of the alcohol (ethanol) in them.......If a child were to ingest a 2 oz bottle it would be like drinking 4 shots of vodka (thank you Dr. Gupta)!!!! SO, I have always avoided them and used the natural, essential oil types. No problem there...and my hands smell delicious. But, they don't quite get the job done like Prefense. Here's why it works:

**Prefense contains a type of silica complex that coats the hands and lasts for up to Ten Washings!! Ths coating of silica is like a spikey invisible glove that pops the bacterial walls of all the germs you regularly come in contact with. **

Cool idea, huh? I'm all for popping bacterial walls. I also checked out it's ingredients to see the level of toxicity present. The most problem causing agent it contains is cocamidopropyl betaine....which is known as a possible skin irritant in some cases. Here are is the complete list of ingredients:

Amosilq Silica Complex, water, cocamidopropyl betaine, and essential oil fragrance

From what I can tell, the Amosilq Silica Complex is just a type of silica coating for the hands....people ingest silica complex pills as part of a daily routine. I'm DEFINITELY not saying you should ingest this....but I do believe this product to be quite safe compared to regular hand sanitizers!! You can buy it (for a great price) right on their site HERE or you can find them on Amazon HERE.

Now, I'd like to give one away to you!! It's an 8oz bottle of Prefense with 640 sprays in it.....if you kept up with one spray a day you would have this product for almost two years. With school season starting up, I think now is a GREAT time to start a routine of germ prevention!!

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  1. I have never heard of this! We have hand sanitizer at every door, waiting for the kids to get off the bus. It would be nice to protect them all day.

  2. germs shmerms. I am happy to know about your blog!


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