Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To Set A Table....

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Setting the table for a meal can be as simple....or as you would like it to be. I've set some tables in my day, and I would not call myself anything of an expert. I'll impart my little bit of knowledge on you (a lot of it garnered from surfing the web over the past few years), if you are interested....

Formal Table Place Setting:

1. Fish Fork
2. Dinner Fork
3. Salad Fork
4. Salad knife
5. Dinner knife
6. Fish knife
7. Soup Spoon
8. Dinner Plate
9. Salad Plate
10. Napkin
11.Water Glass
12. Red Wine Glass
13. ? I guess I missed it. :-)
14. White Wine Glass
15. Dessert Spoon
16.  Dessert fork

If you're not having fish....well, just don't include the fish utensils.
It's important to have different glasses for Red and White wine. From what I understand, Red wine usually needs to breathe (oxidize) and the wider mouthed glasses/bases encourage more air flow (because there is more wine surface area) and help the red wine to smooth out a bit. White wine on the other hand usually needs only a little bit of oxidation, as too much can make it hard to detect the special qualities of the a smaller mouthed glass is important.

On to a more Informal Table Place Setting:
1. Salad fork
2. Dinner fork
3. Dinner Plate
4. Salad plate
5. Dinner knife
6. Spoon
7. Wine/Water Glass

Pretty Simple right?
Are you going to be hosting any of the special holidays this season?

If you are wondering what shape that napkin has been made into, check out my post HERE on my 3 masted ship napkin.

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  1. This is good info to know. I always do it backwards...seems to me the forks should be on the right side because most people are right handed and the fork is the most used utensil, or maybe it's just because I'm a rebel!

  2. Great information!! I always forget to point my knife towards the plate!!

  3. This always seemed to help me set my table perfectly


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