Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brillance Diamonds

Have you ever looked at a ring and thought, that diamond is *gorgeous* but I wouldn't have chosen that setting?? Or perhaps you couldn't find a diamond you like at a store, because the choices were so few. Shopping at a diamond wholesale store like Brillance, rather than a Jewelry store, gives you so many more options in the style of diamond that you choose....with a hefty savings as well. At Brilliance .com you can shop for a loose wholesale certified diamond, wholesale diamond jewelry, or even an engagement ring. One of my favorite parts about the whole deal: No one is looking over your shoulder to try and convince you to buy something more expensive. Shopping at Brilliance is pressure free!!!!

This post was sponsored by Brilliance. 

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  1. Diamond wholesale is a a very profitable business. In cities like France, small jewel shop still thrives with pawning.


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